For Patients

We treat different types of patients with different types of conditions across all age groups:

  •  Pediatric
  •  Adult
  •  Geriatric

We offer a variety of therapy services:

  •  Physical therapy
  •  Occupational therapy
  •  Speech therapy
  •  Massage therapy
  •  Lymphatic therapy

Other treatment programs include:

  •  Stroke management
  •  Pain management
  •  Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation


All patients are scheduled by appointment:

  • New patients requiring an initial evaluation are given the most immediate available appointment
  • Active/current patients are scheduled according to frequency and duration of treatment plan
  • Treatment sessions typically last one hour; therefore, scheduling is staggered so that the therapists are able to spend enough time for one-on-one sessions with the patients.


Under HIPAA, federal protections are provided for personal health information, and patients have rights with respect to that information. As a consumer, you have rights over your health information which allow you to set rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information. See the links below for more information or click here